In Case Someone Asks…Low FODMAP Maternal Diet May Help Colic

According to a very small study, maternal ingestion of a low FODMAP diet reduced crying in colicy babies who were breastfed.  This report was presented at the recent United European Gastroenterology meeting (P0609).  The study consisted of a single-blind, open-label study of 18 infants.  The key finding was reduced crying from 142 minutes to 90 minutes over the 2 week study period.

A summary of this report is available at (May 2016, pg 8).

My take: A bigger study is needed to ascertain whether this intervention is worthwhile.  Many kids get better during a 2 week period without treatment.

1 thought on “In Case Someone Asks…Low FODMAP Maternal Diet May Help Colic

  1. I totally agree! Colicky crying starts around 2 weeks after birth (or 2 weeks after a preemie reaches their due date), peaks around 6 weeks, and is largely gone by 12 weeks. It takes parents a few weeks to decide that things have gone off the rails and seek help, so by 8 weeks, crying is tapering down for most infants, regardless of the intervention. The reduction reported in this study corresponds to one of T. Berry Brazelton’s charts on infant fussiness from 6 weeks to 12 weeks, in which crying per day decreases by about 60 minutes every two weeks (Crying in Infancy, Pediatrics, 1962).
    As a Happiest Baby educator, parents report all manner of strategies to deal with crying, and one method they try is changing maternal diet. This seems to help only a very small percentage of babies, as have reflux meds. Until then, calming babies with swaddle, suck, swing, shush and side/stomach positioning has worked for the vast majority of my clients. The extra bonus? Reinforcement of AAP’s SIDS guidelines, more sleep for parents and babies earlier in development, and good sleep habits at the start.

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