Bioactive Components of Breastmilk

An entire supplement (J Pediatr 2016; 173: S1-S65) provides an in-depth review of the bioactive components of breastmilk.  The two components reviewed most extensively were lactoferrin and milk fat globule membrane (MFGM).

Lactoferrin: this glycoprotein is present in high concentrations in human milk, compared to formulas and cow’s milk.  It is highest in concentration in early lactation.  Its importance lies in its direct antibacterial effects.  It is likely to reduce the risk of necrotizing enterocolitis and sepsis in preterm infants, which has been shown as well with bovine lactoferrin.

MFGM: this triglyceride is derived from a triple phospholipid membrane is absent from infant formulas.  It has a role in both gastrointestinal and immune development.  It appears to convey benefits in “terms of cognitive, metabolic, and health outcomes.”

My take: this supplement provides data that lactoferrin and MFGM “isolated from bovine milk retain bioactivity and are safe and efficacious additions to infant formula”

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Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge


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