Better Hydration –Less Obesity?

Perhaps the Dos Equis’ guy’s slogan “Stay Thirsty My Friends” is not such great advice.

According to a study, summarized by NPR, inadequate hydration was associated with increased odds of obesity.  While an association does not prove causation, it adds another potential reason to drink plenty of water.

NPR Story: Thirsty? New Study Links Good Hydration with Slimmer Waistlines

Here’s an excerpt:

A new study published in the Annals of Family Medicineadds to the evidence that hydration may play a role in weight management.

“What we found was that people who were inadequately hydrated had increased odds of being obese,” says study author Tammy Chang of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Michigan.

The study was based on data collected by a federal health survey, in which researchers had documented weight and height of participants. They also conducted urine tests to establish an objective measure of participants’ level of hydration.

Chang and her colleagues found the odds of being obese were 1.59 times higher for people who were not well-hydrated. And overall, they found that a lack of proper hydration was associated with higher body mass index.

On a neighborhood walk

On a neighborhood walk

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