Liver Briefs May 2017

Briefly noted:

O Jeanniard-Malet et al. JPGN 2017; 64: 524-7. This survey of 28 centers in France assessed clinical practice with regard to primary prophylaxis in portal hypertension. More than 75% use endoscopy to screen for varices in patients with chronic liver conditions. “In cases of grade 2 varices with red marks and grade 3 varices >90% of centres perform sclerotherapy or endoscopic variceal ligation.”

Y-D Ren et al. Hepatology 2017; 65: 1765-8. FMT for chronic HBV? This small study with 5 patients who received fecal microbiota transplantation in an effort to clear HBeAg.  There were 13 controls.  Patients in both group received either ongoing entecavir or tenofovir antiviral therapy (& had received for at least 3 years). FMT was given every 4 weeks (1 to 7 treatments). HBeAg declined gradually after each round.  Three patients in the FMT arm cleared HBeAg compared with none in the control arm.  Two of the three cleared HBeAg after on FMT and the third after two rounds of FMT.

Y Sun et al. Hepatology 2017; 65: 1438-50.  In this report, the authors propose to augment the liver biopsy classification in patients with Hepatitis B.  Their goal is to provide more information about dynamic changes regarding fibrosis using three terms:

  • Predominantly progressive: thick/broad/loose/pale septa with inflammation
  • Predominantly regressive: delicate/thin/dense/splitting septa
  • Indeteminate

Using this new designation, they characterized 71 paired liver biopsies before and after entecavir for 78 weeks.  Before treatment: 58%, 29%, and 13% for progressive, regressive and indeterminate; after treatment: 11%, 11%, and 78% respectively.

Rodin Museum, Gates of Hell


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