Never Too Old for Celiac Disease

A recent article (P Collin et al. AP&T 2018; 47: 563-72) reviews the presentation of celiac disease in later years (Thanks to Ben Gold for this reference).

Key findings:

  • Approximately 25% of celiac diagnoses are made at age ≥60 years
  • ~4% of celiac diagnoses are made at age ≥80 years
  • About 60% of individuals with celiac disease remain undetected
  • Adherence with gluten free diet results in “resolution of symptoms and improvement in laboratory indices…in over 90% of patients”

This review also focuses on specific related problems besides epidemiology: malabsorption, dermatitis herpetifromis, bone mineral density and fractures, autoimmune disease, heart disease, neurological disturbances, and malignancy.

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2 thoughts on “Never Too Old for Celiac Disease

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