Does C-section Increase Risk of Celiac Disease? Probably Not

Using data from the prospective TEDDY (The Environmental Determinants for Diabetes in the Young) from 2004-2010, a recent study (S Koletzko et al. JPGN 2018; 66: 417-24) has shown that cesarean section is not associated with an increased risk of celiac disease (CD) or celiac disease autoimmunity (CDA). TEDDY participants are at increased risk for CD and type 1 diabetes (T1D) based on HLA-risk genotypes.

Key findings:

  • Of the 6087 singletons, 1600 (26%) were born via C-section
  • C-section was associated with a lower risk for CDA (HR 0.85) and a lower risk of CD (HR 0.75)

My take: While environmental factors are likely to be responsible for increasing incidence of CD, C-section compared to vaginal delivery does not appear to be a risk factor.

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Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

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