ICN Travel Toolkit -Tips for Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

ImproveCareNow’s Patient Advisory Committee: ICN Travel Toolkit – a collection of personal stories, plus tips and techniques for traveling with IBD – written by members of the ICN Patient Advisory Council (PAC).

In addition to the tips offered by the PAC (see below), I would recommend that those travelling keep a succinct medical summary with the following (minimum):

  • Diagnosis and extent of disease
  • Other medical problems
  • Physician (contact info)
  • Allergies –food/medicines
  • Current list of medications including dosage and frequency
  • List of prior treatments
  • Previous surgeries

Also, below are other travel -related links, including to the CDC travel website which makes recommendations based on travel destination along with underlying problems.

A summary of the ICN travel tips from the PAC PowerPoint Presentation: