USA Today (4/27/20): Doctors find more cases of ‘COVID toes’ in dermatological registry. Here’s what they learned

An excerpt:

Dr. Esther Freeman, director of Massachusetts General Hospital Global Health Dermatology and member of the AAD task force on COVID-19, said COVID toes are pinkish-reddish “pernio-like lesions” that can turn purple over time…

While experts can’t confirm why COVID toes appear, they have some educated guesses. One could be inflammation in the toes’ tissue… Another hypothesis is inflammation of the blood vessel wall, medically known as vasculitis. And finally, … it is possible COVID toes could be caused by small blood clots that form inside the blood vessel…

COVID toes have appeared in some cases of asymptomatic patients. The majority of the toe cases manifested simultaneously or after more common COVID-19 symptoms, rather than before.  

My take: During this pandemic, I need to look at my patient’s feet.