Measles Outbreak, 2018-2019 & More on Coronavirus in Georgia

A recent report (JR Zucker et al. NEJM 2020; 382: 1009-17) highlights an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease, measles.  Measles is much more contagious than the recent coronavirus; this is one reason why a vaccine is so crucial.

In total, there were 649 cases confirmed –most of the cases were in a close-knit community in Brooklyn, NY.  86% of the cases with a known vaccination history occurred in those who were unvaccinated. 49 required hospitalization.  The cost to the Department of Health was $8.4 million.

My take:  The health consequences and cost of not preventing measles is staggering -though being eclipsed by the coronavirus pandemic.  The toll in Europe has been much higher.  Worldwide more than 140,000 died from measles in 2018.

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From Georgia Department of Health: COVID-19 Status Report

It is important to understand that some data, particularly in the last 2 weeks, may not be reported yet.

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