“Quietly” Testing Famotidine for COVID-19

Yesterday, I received two emails (first from Steven Liu) about an article in Science and today I’ve already seen this article is referenced in a CNN report:

New York Clinical Trial Quietly Tests Heartburn Remedy Against Coronavirus

Key points:

  • In China, a review of ~6000 patients suggested lower mortality in those taking famotidine (not statistically significant)
  • Famotidine may interfere with viral replication protease in the coronavirus based on computer modeling
  • A randomized trial with IV famotidine (large quantities are not available) is underway in New York using 9 times the dose used for heartburn.
  • The article notes that increased heart problems are common in those with reduced renal function
  • “We still don’t know if it will work or not”

My take: Famotidine may be a hot commodity –at least until studies are completed.  Based on experience with hydroxychloroquine, some of our patients may need to look for alternative acid blockers.

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3 thoughts on ““Quietly” Testing Famotidine for COVID-19

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