Measles Outbreak

704 Measles cases for this year were reported on April 30th. It is likely to climb much higher. More than 40,000 cases were reported in Europe in the first 6 months of 2018.

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5 thoughts on “Measles Outbreak

    • I have not been doing this. If children have received all of their immunizations, this offers a high level of protection for measles (per CDC: Two doses of MMR vaccine are 97% effective against measles). In addition, to this point, there have been very few cases in Georgia.

  1. What’s the most rational claim you ever heard “moderate” antivaxxer give to oppose MMR vaccination? Not talking about rabid MRR-causes-autism crowd, but talking about the most rational end of the spectrum opposing MMR vaccination.

    Just curious to know your take on that.

    • I have not heard a rational reason to avoid MMR vaccine. In medicine, we try to compare the risks and benefits in making decisions. The protection that vaccination offers to individuals and their communities (some of whom cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons like young age or immunocompromise) is an important benefit and in my view, far outweighs the risks.

      • I understand what you are saying all too well. I just wish to point out that you misunderstood me: I was wondering about the most “rational claim”, not a “rational reason to avoid MMR vaccine”. I understand that science evaluates risk/benefit of individual medical acts. I’m just wondering what is “most rational claim” that pushes up the risk part of that balance. Not more, nor less.

        In science, you’re supposed to evaluate what are the strongest claims against your case (not only the ones in favor of your case). I’m therefore wondering what is the strongest claim against the MMR vaccination.

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