Briefly Noted: Bleeding in Noonan Syndrome, Pets Help Children’s Emotional Health

B Briggs et al. J Pediatr 2020; 220: 154-8This study confirmed a high rate of bleeding problems in infants with Noonan syndrome.  9/70 (12.8%) had bleeding complications in those without comprehensive preoperative testing and undergoing major or dental surgery. Hematology evaluation is indicated in these children.

H Christian et al. J Pediatr 2020; 220: 200-6. Using data from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children with data points at ages 5 (n=4242) and at ages 7 (n=4431).  Key finding: Owning pets was associate with improved emotional health for children: odds of abnormal emotional scores on SDQ questionnaire was OR 0.81, peer problems OR 0.71, and prosocial behavior OR 0.70 compared with non-pet owners. Prosocial behavior was most improved for children without any siblings with OR 0.21.