Summer Georgia AAP Board Meeting: COVID-19, Pediatric Practices, and Resources

This year’s Summer Georgia AAP Board Meeting included presentations from Kathleen Toomey (commissioner of the Department of Public Health), Sally Goza (National AAP President),Kristie Clarke/Anne Kimball (CDC Liaison) and Evan Anderson (infectious disease committee).  Also a fair amount of information was shared by more than 75 participants.

Useful Links:

  • RIVM Children and COVID-19 Describes experience with opening schools in Europe and Australia. “Schools have now reopened in various other European countries. RIVM is in close contact with sister organisations in these countries to evaluate the impact of this policy on the spread of the novel coronavirus there. Denmark was the first country to reopen childcare and primary education, as of 15 April. They have not reported any negative effects after reopening the schools and are not seeing any increase in the reproduction number. ”  There were several studies showing no transmission
  • Nature (June 11) Why children avoid the worst coronavirus complications might lie in their arteries Evidence is mounting that healthy blood vessels protect children from serious effects of COVID-19, such as stroke
  • Georgia Department of Public Health: DPH COVID-19 Website: One fatality due to COVID-19 in Georgia Pediatric population, 0-17 years.

From Dr. Goza -AAP website/resources/agenda:

From Dr Goza: AAP has been working on health equity and racism prior to recent events, including policy statement last year.  Now with additional input:

From Kristie Clarke/Anne Kimball –they note that recent MMWR reports that the pediatric population now representing 5% of COVID-19  cases with more widespread testing.


From Dr. Terri McFadden (Ga. AAP Chair):

Related material from The Children’s Care Network: Website: Call Your Pediatrician Video -Dr. Anna Kuo (2 minutes) “Now, more than ever, it is important that practices actively reach out to families to educate them on the importance of staying connected to their medical home. Kids Health First partnered with Dr. Anna Kuo from Peachtree Park Pediatrics, to create a video aimed towards parents. This video highlights the importance of scheduling patient visits, staying up-to-date on immunizations and assuring families of the safety measures practices are implementing to ensure the health and well-being for all. “