Doing “LESS” is Beneficial -Combining ERCP and Cholecystectomy

A recent retrospective study (DS Fishman et al. JPGN 2020; 71: 203-207) identified 25 patients who underwent combined Laparascopic cholecystectomy/ERCP in Same Session (=LESS) to more conventional ERCP followed by laparoscopic cholecystectomy (n=42).  The center utilized prospectively-collected data from 13 centers and 67 consecutive ERCPs.

Key findings:

  • Median hospital stay was shorter for LESS patients, 3 days vs. 4 days (P=.32)
  • Total procedure time was similar, though a decrease in total anesthesia time was reported for LESS patients: mean 177 minutes compared to 205 minutes (P=.04)
  • No significant adverse events were reported in either group, though both groups had two patients who required repeat care due to suspected retained stones
  • The authors note that concerns about gaseous distention following ERCP “is likely unfounded as all cholecystectomies were completed.”
  • No local or systemic infections were reported.  The authors recommend antibiotic prophylaxis with the LESS approach

My take: Given the recommendation that cholecystectomy should take place during the same hospitalization for patients with choledocholithiasis, this combined approach makes a lot sense and is supported by this study.

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