Expert Update on COVID-19 Pandemic and Vaccine Rollout

Our hospital system has been arranging frequent staff meetings to provide situational updates amid the pandemic. On 12/2/20, Evan Anderson (infectious disease) provided an ​an excellent update on COVID-19​/rollout of vaccines.

Key Points:

  • mRNA vaccines​ have been remarkably effective, both ~95% and also effective against severe disease (>90%)
  • Severe reactogenicity occurs >2%. Systemic symptoms like fatigue, myalgia, and chills are more common after 2nd dose
  • Local reactions are typically more pronounced than flu vaccine but less pronounced compared to shingles vaccine (Shingrix)
  • Not wise to vaccinate entire care areas at same time
  • No need to check antibody titers after vaccination
  • Current contraindications: Pregnant women and children due to lack of data (Pfizer vaccine may be approved for those older than 12 yrs)
  • Study participants were allowed to take antipyretics
Slides used with permission.

Current pandemic situation in metro Atlanta (slide from Dan Salinas)

Top curve is total cases and bottom curve is ICU beds –both thru 11/27/20

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