More on COVID-19 Vaccines

Yesterday, Evan Anderson (infectious disease) shared some updates on COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Dr. Anderson noted that more research is needed in children, pregnant women and immunocompromised populations. Immunocompromised patients may have a lower response rate to vaccination.
  • The South African 501Y.V2 COVID-19 variant may be less responsive to neutralization from donor plasma and the vaccines may be less effective in this variant.
  • He reviewed ACIP recommendations -available from CDC website as well
  • Dr. Anderson noted there is a good response to vaccination even in those with a lack of adverse effects with vaccination
  • Immunity after vaccination: data has been published showing good antibody levels at 3 months. Moderna has stated that they expect vaccine will provide immunity for at least a year
  • Immunity after infection with COVID-19: at least 3 months. Those with milder infection are more likely to get reinfected.
  • Antibody testing after vaccination to assess for immunity is not recommended