Jim Heubi

So sad to hear that Jim Heubi has passed away. Jim Heubi was the person I interviewed with when I was considering where to do my pediatric residency and he helped convince me to come to Cincinnati. During my fellowship, I came to admire how he was so good at everything though it was always unassuming. He was such a kind person in addition to being a mentor and role model.

Here is a link from Cincinnati Children’s: In Memoriam: James E. Heubi, MD 1948-2021

1 thought on “Jim Heubi

  1. Thank you Jay for posting a memorial message on Jim’s passing. Specifically, he has touched so many trainees in so many ways, and the outpouring messages in are a testament. When my K23 was not funded during the first round I was advised to contact him. He was totally unknown to me at that time. Not only he responded to my email, but he guided me through the resubmission process – I was nobody at that time and a total stranger. He is that kind of person, who enjoy helping anyone who approaches him. I miss him- subra kugathasan, Atlanta.

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