COVID Booster Advice for IBD from Dr. David Rubin (@IBDMD)

On Friday, our office started fielding questions regarding COVID-19 booster shots in our IBD population. Currently, I agree with the advice for patients as detailed by Dr. Rubin in the screenshots that follow. Key points:

  • Studies have shown that IBD patients are not at increased risk of COVID-19 infections compared to the general population. 
  • Except for those on high-dose prednisone, it appears that our patient population with IBD does mount an adequate response to vaccination.  That is, they are not considered severely immunocompromised. 
  • In short, it is reasonable, but not a clear recommendation, to give a booster mRNA vaccine dose to patients who are receiving anti-TNF agents and those receiving immunomodulators; this is a patient choice.

Also, from CDC 8/13/21:

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