Would You Want a Smart Toilet?

Gastro & Endo News July 2021, Full Text: Disease Surveillance With Every Flush: Introducing the Smart Toilet

Key finding:

  • The Smart Toilet was able to determine the stool consistency and if the stool had blood 85% and 75% accuracy, respectively, in agreement with a gastroenterologist.

An excerpt:

“At the 2021 virtual Digestive Disease Week, Duke University gastroenterologist Deborah Fisher, MD, and engineering professor Sonia Grego, PhD, showed that toilets enabled with artificial intelligence can analyze stool samples for signs of acute or chronic gastrointestinal disease, such as bleeding, infections or even inflammatory bowel disease.”

My take: I definitely do NOT want my toilet to be too smart. It would not be hard to imagine the toilet berating me for what I ate for dinner the night before.