CDED + PEN: An Alternative Diet to Exclusive Enteral Nutrition?

T Niseteo et al Nutr Clin Pract 2021: 1-7. Modified Crohn’s disease exclusion diet is equally effective as exclusive enteral nutrition: Real-world data Thanks to Kipp Ellsworth for this reference.

This was a retrospective study with 61 children, median age, 14.4 years; overall, 42 (69%) achieved clinical remission based on weighted PCDAI. The study compared a modified Crohn’s disease exclusion diet (CDED) (modified as 80% in this group had 1–2 weeks of EEN initially) to EEN; PEN accounted for ~50% of calories CDED/PEN group received mainly modulen whereas EEN received a number of standard polymeric isocaloric formulas (eg. pediasure, osmolite, ensure plus). Concomitant medical therapy was used in ~80% of patients (most often azathioprine).

Key finding: Clinical remission was similar in both groups: 27 of 41 (65.9%) received EEN and 15 of 20 (75.0%) received CDED + PEN after 6-8 weeks of treatment. In addition, both groups had improvement in CRP and Hemoglobin.

*Several authors grants/payments from formula manufacturers.

My take: This study while favorable towards a combination of CDED/PEN is limited by small numbers, retrospective design, limited followup and absence of data on mucosal healing.

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K Lambert et al. AP&T 2021; Systematic review with meta-analysis: dietary intake in adults with inflammatory bowel disease. Thanks to Ben Gold for this reference.

This meta-analysis included 19 studies of adults with IBD involving dietary intake. Results “show inadequate energy for all subgroups of adults with IBD (mean intake in adults with IBD 1980 ± 130 kcal), as well as fiber (14 ± 4 g), folate (246 ± 33 mg) and calcium (529 ± 114 mg) per day.” Further, “In comparison to the healthy control groups, IBD patients consumed significantly less dietary fiber (SMD −0.59; 95% CI, −0.73 to −0.46).” 

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