Pregabalin Helpful for Functional Dyspepsia in Small Study

I Kotikula et al. AP&T 2021; 54: 1026-1032. Randomised clinical trial: the effects of pregabalin vs placebo on functional dyspepsia

Key findings (8 week, randomized placebo-controlled study)

  • The self-reported adequate relief rates in the pregabalin and placebo groups were 70.6% and 42.1% at week 4 (P = 0.02), and 70.6% and 44.7% at week 8 (P = 0.03), respectively
  • Pregabalin improved the overall quality of life (P = 0.03)
  • The most common adverse event with pregabalin was dizziness, occurring in 51.6% of patients

My take: In this study, pregabalin led to significant alleviation of dyspeptic symptoms, especially in patients with predominant epigastric pain.

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