Florida Surgeon General Hinders Public Health

In response to the Florida Surgeon General’s comments about COVID-19 vaccine safety in children, the following editorial was published (from Eric Topol’s twitter feed) in The Washington Post –Opinion: Vaccines work for children. Ignore the nonsense spoken in Florida:

Here’s the data:

Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization ranged from 73% to 94%.

Here is the MMWR/CDC article (open access) with full data: Effectiveness of COVID-19 Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination in Preventing COVID-19–Associated Emergency Department and Urgent Care Encounters and Hospitalizations Among Nonimmunocompromised Children and Adolescents Aged 5–17 Years — VISION Network, 10 States, April 2021–January 2022

And safety data from MMWR/CDC (open access): Safety Monitoring of COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Doses Among Persons Aged 12–17 Years — United States, December 9, 2021–February 20, 2022

AAP Views: Summary of data publicly reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Date: 3/2/22

Insider: Florida’s surgeon general breaks with CDC advice, says the state will be the first to ‘officially recommend against the COVID-19 vaccine for healthy children’

My take: It is disgraceful that a prominent physician would jeopardize the health of children and worsen vaccine misinformation more broadly. I think his actions merit review by the ABIM. If you want to share your views with the ABIM: Contact ABIM