Data on Bridles -They Work!

JA Lavoie et al. JPEN 2022; Nasogastric Bridles are Associated with Improved Tube-Related Outcomes in Children

Retrospective study: 582 children had NGTs secured traditionally and 173 received nasal bridles 

Key findings:

Children with bridled NGTs were compared to their non-bridled NGT counterparts (all results below with p values <0.02):

  • 16.67 times less likely to experience ≥1 dislodgement (OR=0.06)
  • 2.5 times less likely to have one more ED visit (OR=0.4)
  • 4.76 times less likely to require one more radiographic exposure (OR=0.21)

My take: After learning about bridles at N2U in 2015 (thanks Praveen Goday), they quickly became popular in our institution. They improve NG/NJ outcomes.

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