Improving Mortality in Spain After Nationwide Access to Direct-Acting Antivirals

J Politi et al. Hepatology 2022; 75: 1247-1256. Favorable impact in hepatitis C-related mortality following free access to direct-acting antivirals in Spain

Background: Free treatments for HCV infection with direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) became widespread in Spain in April 2015

Key findings:

  • After the intervention, there was a great acceleration of the downward mortality trend from HCV, whose annual percent change (APC) went from −3.2% (95% CI, −3.6% to −2.8%) to −18.4% (95% CI, −20.6% to −16.3%). There were also significant accelerations in the downward trends in mortality from HCC.

My take: More proof that DAAs can be life-saving.

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