Online Aspen Webinar (Part 4) -How to Treat Hepatitis C in Children

Below I’ve included a few slides and some notes; my notes may have errors of omission or transcription.

How I Treat Children with Hepatitis C  William Balistreri

Key points:

  • The recommendations for pediatric hepatitis C infection have been rapidly-changing due to a large number of recent studies/new direct-acting antivirals.  There are many new treatment options (see; currently available treatment regimens noted below
  • All children >3 years of age with HCV should be treated –high cure rates (91-100% SVR) and this leads to long-term improvements in health outcomes
  • Test for Hepatitis B before instituting DAA therapy
  • Universal screening has been recommended for all adults >18 years.  This omits the pediatric age group; however, if all pregnant women are screened, the majority of pediatric HCV infections could be identified

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