NPR: Children Missing Out on Hepatitis C Treatment

From NPR: Children Missing Out on Hepatitis C Treatment

An excerpt:

study by the Philadelphia Department of Health points to what Wen and others in the medical profession see as a worrisome trend: Children with hepatitis C may be unaware of their diagnosis and the potential need for treatments down the road in order to prevent long-term liver damage.

Using city surveillance data, the study found that as many as 8 in 10 children at high risk for hepatitis C exposure in Philadelphia were never screened for the condition. More specifically, of the approximately 500 moms-to-be who were registered as having hepatitis C between 2011 and 2013, only 84 of their newborns, or about 16 percent, were tested for the virus by 20 months of age.

My take: As the article discusses, with the advent of better treatments, which will be available for children (?next 1-2 years), identifying Hepatitis C acquired prenatally is becoming important.

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