Blog Case Report: Colonic Polyp & Elevated Calprotectin

Last week, a 7 year old with a 6 month history of loose stools and rectal bleeding underwent a panendoscopy.  Prior to endoscopy, she had a calprotectin level of 1000 mcg/gram.

  • Findings: Huge (>5 cm) multilobulated polyp which was removed at stalk.  A second pass to revise stalk was completed subsequently. The histology report noted that the polyp was a benign juvenile polyp.

This case was interesting to me due to the unusual size/configuration of the polyp and the very elevated calprotectin.  I was aware of elevated calprotectin levels with polyposis (in part from a recent review of our experience with ~400 colonoscopies in our center: Full Text Link: Diagnostic Yield Variation with Colonoscopy among Pediatric Endoscopists)

Two views of large polyp from scope in descending colon

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