Briefly Noted: Parent Preference: MiniONE over MIC-KEY

In a prospective, randomized cross-over trial (RA Abdelhad et al. JPGN 2020; 70: 386-8) that compared two low profile gastrostomy buttons, caregiver preference favored AMT’s MiniONE over Avanos Medical’s MIC-KEY.  It is worth noting that the authors reported no conflict of interests.

Among 185 patients, 65 with MIC-KEY and 43 with MiniONE completed crossover study; GT buttons were placed laparoscopically.

  • In this group, 69% preferred MiniONE.
  • There were no differences in objective outcomes: adverse effects, emergency room/clinic visits, leavage, granulation tissue or dislodgements.
  • Caregiver preference was based on smaller size of external bolster and its ability to glow in the dark.

Some limitations of this study included a lack of long-term followup and an imbalance in the crossover groups completing the study.  Lack of blinding of the investigators and caregivers could have allowed bias to affect evaluations as well.

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