Food choices, FODMAPs, and gluten haters

Given the frequency of functional gastrointestinal diseases (FGID), including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), dietary treatments that may improve symptoms receive a lot of attention.  A recent review of the role of food choices in the development and management of FGIDs is a useful reference (Am J Gastroenterol 2012; 107: 657-66 -thanks to Ben Gold for forwarding this article).

This review details specific dietary advice as well as the following specific physiologic effects of FODMAPs:

  • Osmotic effects
  • Bacterial fermentation
  • Motility effects
  • Prebiotic effects
  • Systemic effects –mild depression, tiredness
In addition, the review looks at other potential foods which could serve as a trigger for IBS symptoms, like gluten & summarizes why some IBS patients are gluten haters.  The authors acknowledge that gluten sensitivity, in the absence of celiac disease, does not have a known mechanism.  Until a reliable marker becomes available, the importance of gluten sensitivity for FGIDs is unknown.
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