Liver toxicity -where to look online

Increasingly physicians as well as families gather medical information online.  Physicians, like patients, benefit when they know that a website is highly regarded by experts in the field.  This month’s Hepatology (2013: 57: 873-74) provides an introduction to the website LiverTox ( (Search Livertox Database).

This website provides comprehensive and “evidence-based information on drug, dietary supplement, and herbal-induced liver injury that is freely accessible to physicians, researchers, and the public.”  The website includes about 650 different medications, supplements, and herbals; more than 12,000 annotated references are available.  In addition, the website allows clinicians to submit a case report as well as allow submission to the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS).

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17 thoughts on “Liver toxicity -where to look online

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