Sweetened Beverages -A Big Problem for Little Kids

Many times we may look at a study and think that the results could easily have been anticipated.  Yet, there are many examples when our assumptions are flat-out wrong.

A recent study (Pediatrics 2013; 132: 413-20 -thanks to Jeff Lewis for this reference) helps solidify what we think we already knew, namely that sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) contribute to weight gain in young children.  This study showed that 2-5 year-olds, followed in the Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey–Birth Cohort (n=9600), who had more frequent SSB consumption had higher BMI z scores by age four (P < .05) than infrequent/nondrinkers of SSB.  This study, for the first time, shows this effect in this younger population.

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3 thoughts on “Sweetened Beverages -A Big Problem for Little Kids

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