Misdirection: False-postive Urine Cannaboid Screen due to Pantoprazole

First of all, this post is not a joke for April 1st. But if you have a good story to tell, please feel free to comment -I’ll share a story at the bottom of this post.

A case report (Felton D et al. Pediatrics 2015; 135: 2014-16) makes a few useful points regarding testing for cannaboids in a patient admitted for cyclic vomiting syndrome.

  1. Intravenous pantoprazole could lead to a false-positive urine cannaboid screen.
  2. Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome should be included in the differential diagnosis for cyclic vomiting. (see previous blog: Think Like a Doctor -Another Reason for Cyclic Vomiting …)
  3. Don’t order every test on the differential diagnosis (my point -not the authors).

With regard to the final point, this particular case report describes a highly-impaired 13 year old with previous diagnoses of intrauterine stroke, global developmental delays, and seizures; she was nonverbal and nonambulatory.  Therefore, despite a positive urine screen, it is not surprising that the confirmatory testing for cannabis via gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was negative.

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On a side note, several years ago we had a little fun in the spirit of April 1st.  One of our neighbors had been complaining for years that they had not received ‘yard of the month’ but had lived in the neighborhood for more than 16 years. So, one year when they were out of town, we managed to borrow the ‘yard of the month’ sign, placed it in their yard, and snapped a picture.  With the collusion of a different neighbor who sends out the monthly announcement, our neighbors were informed of the recognition of their yard. It was definitely a good laugh.  At the same time, I’m a little paranoid about potential payback.



1 thought on “Misdirection: False-postive Urine Cannaboid Screen due to Pantoprazole

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