Proton Pump Inhibitors Webinar

For those who missed the live NASPGHAN webinar, it is also available on demand: Link: Proton Pump Inhibitors Webinar. CME credit is available too.

Overall, this is a terrific review and intended for a high level audience. Here are a couple of key points from the talk:

  • Dr. Jennifer Lightdale introduced the webinar.  She noted that there has been a tremendous rise in the use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) in children over the past 15 years, including in infants.
  • Preponderance of evidence does not support use of PPIs for reducing GER symptoms or crying in infants.
  • PPIs are extremely effective at acid suppression.
  • Excellent discussion by Dr. Rachel Rosen on Nonerosive Reflux Disease (NERD) and distinguishing this entity from erosive reflux disease, hypersensitive esophagus, and functional heartburn.
  • On a microscopic level, NERD is similar to erosive reflux with microscopic inflammation and dilated intracellular spaces.
  • With regard to testing, it is recommended that for impedance studies, that acid suppression be stopped prior due to improved sensitivity/accuracy.
  • For those at odds with their pulmonologists and ENT colleagues, Dr. Ben Gold reviewed the literature on asthma, cough, and laryngeal-pharyngeal pathology related to reflux. The sensitivity of laryngoscopic findings to identify reflux is poor.  “There is insufficient evidence to recommend for OR against the use of acid suppression therapy.”
  • Dr. Jose Garza reviewed the indications for PPI use which include eosinophilic esophagitis/PPI-REE, erosive esophagitis, NSAID prophylaxis, Upper GI bleeding, and H pylori therapy.
  • Dr. Carlo DiLorenzo provided an in-depth discussion of the potential risks of PPI therapy and explained some of the context as well as absolute risks.  He noted that besides the risk of infection, particularly C difficile, other risks demonstrated in adults have not yet been confirmed in children.
  • “Prolonged acid suppression should be used only when indicated.”  Thus, management should include strategies for treatment discontinuation in the majority of those receiving PPI therapy.

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