Store Your Stool at OpenBiome

Due to concerns regarding disruption of a person’s microbiome and C diff infection, there is now an option to store your own stool –should it be needed to restore your ‘health’ microbiome.

Here’s a link to the Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News Report: OpenBiome Now Stores Your Stool

An excerpt:

Banking one’s own stool is a particularly good idea for individuals who have an elective surgery scheduled and for those who are predisposed to developing C. difficile infections, such as patients with inflammatory bowel disease, Dr. Kassam said…

“Just like banking one’s blood prior to surgery, one should be able to bank their stool in anticipation of antimicrobial exposure after admission to a hospital,” Dr. Brandt said. “This is of even greater importance in the immunocompromised patient who requires multiple courses of antimicrobials.”

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Acadia Natl Park

Acadia Natl Park

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