Pandemic Is NOT Taking a Summer Holiday

More data indicate that the coronavirus pandemic is NOT taking a summer holiday.  Projections from IHME indicate that Georgia is likely to have 4 times as many deaths by October (~2500 to  >10,000) and Florida 6 times as many (~3000 to >18,000) due to COVID-19. If projections do not worsen, the U.S. will still have more than 200,000 deaths by October.

In Europe which had at one point accounted for ~80% of new infections, the daily toll is ~10%. From Financial Times website:

From Financial Times website

From Financial Times website

From CNN/Johns Hopkins

NPR: Younger Adults Are Increasingly Testing Positive for Coronavirus

The fact that younger adults account for a large fraction of the new cases is likely a significant reason why the number of daily deaths has not spiked (& improved).

Data from Broward County, FL

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