Aspen Webinar 2021 Part 1-COVID-19 and the Liver

Notes from this year’s Aspen Webinar 2021. This blog entry has abbreviated/summarized some of these presentations. Though not intentional, some important material is likely to have been omitted; in addition, transcription errors are possible as well. The first talk was excellent.

What’s Hot -COVID-19 and the Liver  William Balistreri

This lecture covered a ton of information and publications with regard to COVID-19 and the liver.

Key points:

  • Numerous studies generally show that liver problems related to COVID-19 are mild, particularly in children
  • Most immunosuppression agents do not worsen outcomes with COVID-19 and should not be reduced in autoimmune hepatitis or liver transplantation; the exception, mycophenolate has been associated with worsened outcomes
  • Cirrhosis is associated with worse outcomes in patients with COVID-19
  • Vaccine response is blunted in immunocompromised patients with 40-50% developing antibody response after two doses of mRNA vaccines and generally lower titers.  3rd dose of vaccine may improve response.

Some of the slides:

Pediatric Data: