Weight Gain If Semaglutide Stopped

This article discusses several conditions like Prader-Willi and pregnancy that can result in increase hunger and then elaborates on genetic tendency towards obesity in an age of abundant ultra-processed high calorie foods. Excerpts:

A famous 1990 study of identical twins born in Sweden showed that pairs who were separated at birth and adopted had weights more similar to each other than to their adoptive families…The ability to sense such fullness — and hunger — varies, the result of genetic differences in brain circuits that control appetite.

The new drugs are the first to manipulate the hormonal regulatory systems governing energy balance. The drugs simulate the action of our native GLP-1 but with longer-lasting effects, amplifying the fullness signal inside the body…At the very least, though, the way the drugs work can teach us that people who are larger did not necessarily choose to be, just as people who are smaller did not — and are not morally superior. This “isn’t a free pass, either to individuals who do have the capacity to choose better, nor does it take the heat off of food industries,” said a University of Sydney nutritional biologist, Stephen Simpson, but it’s “evidence that obesity isn’t a personal lifestyle choice.”

My take: For those who benefit from GLP-1 medications, it is important to recognize that weight gain is likely when the medications are discontinued; this indicates once treatment is started, the goal would be to use indefinitely –until something better comes along.

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