When to Reinsert a GJ Tube After Intussusception

AT Abebe et al. JPGN 2023; 76: 379-384. Length of Bowel Rest Does Not Predict Gastrojejunostomy Tube-Associated Intussusception Recurrence

In this retrospective study, 46 GJ intussusceptions were identified; patients had a median age of 2.8 years. Key findings:

  • There were 7 recurrences (15.2%).
  • There was no difference in recurrence based on time of bowel rest (5 days in those without vs 6 days in those with, P = 0.30) nor a difference in recurrence with <72 hours of bowel rest compared to >72 hours (1/15, 6.7% vs 6/31, 19.3%)
  • In 15 patients who had a smaller GJ tube replaced, there were no recurrences compared with 7 recurrences among 29 (24%) that had the same caliber GJ tube replaced (P=0.08)

My take: This study indicates that prolonged removal of GJ is not needed with GJ intussusception and if feasible, consider replacement with a smaller (or shorter) GJ tube.

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Image from JPGN Twitter