Non-Adherence Leads to Treatment Escalation and More on Early Infliximab Trough Levels

Briefly noted: JK Carmody et al. AP&T 2019; first published 02 August 2019: Full text link: Longitudinal non‐adherence predicts treatment escalation in paediatric ulcerative colitis

In this cohort of 268 pediatric patients with ulcerative colitis in the prospective PROTECT study, non-adherence to mesalamine was associated with need for treatment escalation.

Key finding:

  • Declining adherence over time strongly predicted treatment escalation (β = −.037, P = .001). By month 6, adherence rate ≤85.7% was associated with treatment escalation.

As noted in a previous blog (Briefly noted: Induction Inflixmab Levels), a recent study (K Clarkston et al. JPGN 2019; 69: 68-74) identified target early infliximab trough levels for infliximab as≥ 29 for week 2 (infusion 2) and ≥18 for week 6 (infusion 3). Below is an associated figure:

Image courtesy of Michael Rosen twitter feed