More on ethanol locks

In a post earlier this week (Four advances for intestinal failure), ethanol locks were discussed.  More on information this subject (Pediatrics 2012: 129: 318-29) comes in a meta-analysis.  These authors identified 4 retrospective studies in pediatric IF populations.  Ethanol locks reduced infections by 81% and line replacements by 72%.  The studies in this meta-analysis overlapped with the six studies cited in the previous post.  Adverse events were rare and included thrombotic events.

Additional reference:

  • -JPEN 2012; 36: 36S-42S

5 thoughts on “More on ethanol locks

  1. The ethanol lock approach appears to have great promise in reducing one of the leading causes for morbidity and mortality in these “at risk” infants. Would it not be appropriate to consider implementing this practice with Children’s, at least one on campus and then evaluated outcomes?

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