While most physicians consider drug efficacy as the most important factor in choosing therapy, this is not always the determinant factor in patient choice.

The “CHOOSE TNF TRIAL” (Inflamm Bowel Dis 2012; 18: 1523-30) was a prospective survey of 100 adult patients with Crohn’s disease who were naive to anti-TNF therapy (infliximab, adalimumab, certolizumab).

Most important to patients:

  • Ease of use 69%
  • Time for therapy 34%
  • Time between applications 31%
  • Evidence for efficacy 19%
  • Fear of syringes 10%

Patient choice: Adalimumab preferred in 36%, certolizumab in 28%, and infliximab in 25%

While patient concerns need to be considered, others have shown that physician opinion is an important factor for patient decisions (J Rhemumatol 2008; 35: 618-24).  The discussion notes that “three anti-TNF drugs used in inflammatory bowel disease treatment have not been compared side-by-side in clinical trials.”  Thus far in pediatrics, infliximab is the only TNF approved for clinical use; as such, the other anti-TNF agents have been used primarily when infliximab loses effectiveness.

One drawback with injectable medications has been reduced adherence; up to 50% of patients fail to maintain regular injection interval; in addition, in patients who have had intravenous infusions (rather than patients who are naive) it is preferred over injections (Jay Popp, medical director of Janssen pharmaceuticals–personal communication).

As such, when patients receive infusions (eg. infliximab), closer followup and better adherence are more likely in comparison to injections.  This certainly improves efficacy.

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