Practical Advice on Enteral Nutrition

In a previous post (NASPGHANEnteral Nutrition for Crohn’s Remission | gutsandgrowth), this blog provided a link to NASPGHAN information on enteral nutrition. Having reviewed this information further, I wanted to post some more information about one of the references which offers a terrific professional-quality 32 minute video (from IWK Health Centre in Canada).  This You-tube video on tube feeds provides interviews mostly from kids/family members along with some input by physicians and nutritionists; it is a fabulous resource for families weighing the option of tube feeds.  Around minute 23, a teen walks through the process of NG placement including advice on taping.  Around minute 31, a number of written tips are given like cleaning tubing with vinegar (& then rinsing with water).  According to the website there were only 275 views when I had clicked on this.  If that is accurate, it is a real shame.

Here’s the link:

Crohn’s Survival Guide: The Real Deal on Tube Feeds – YouTube

Other information from the NASPGHAN handout (which offers CME) in the link above:

  • Duration of enteral nutrition to induce remission: 8-12 weeks.  Enteral nutrition can induce remission in about 80% and is similar in effectiveness as corticosteroids.
  • Caloric needs: typically 120% of recommended daily allowance
  • Other foods? usually allowed water or clears like sodas, soup broth, and popsicles.  In some studies, up to 10% of energy intake as various other foods have been allowed; however, this creates a lot of difficulty monitoring.
  • Maintenance strategies: partial enteral nutrition (nighttime feeds only) can reduce recurrence.  More typical approaches included maintenance medication for long-term treatment, or enteral therapy in combination with maintenance medical therapy.  Alternatively, maintenance treatment can be instituted with cycles of 1 month exclusive enteral nutrition every few months.
  • What type of formula for NG tube? most commonly polymeric formulas
  • Refeeding syndrome: in children with severe malnutrition institution of tube feedings should be instituted more slowly over several days with electrolyte monitoring.

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