Probiotics For NEC -More Work is Needed (part 1)

From Kipp Ellsworth’s Twitter Feed:

The Time for a Confirmatory NEC Probiotic Prevention Trial in ELBW Infants is Now. Editorial in J Peds  (The Journal of Pediatrics
Volume 165, Issue 2 , Pages 389-394, August 2014)

This editorial reviews previous studies and recommends implementing a Probiotic Trial in North America. Here’s an excerpt:

An adequately powered double-blinded placebo-controlled trial replicating a previous effective NEC prevention study in VLBW infants was published (the ProPrem trial)…the study revealed a significant reduction of NEC: from 4.4%-2.0% but no effect on mortality (4.9% vs 5.1%)…A closer look at the results of the ProPrem study, however, reveals that the probiotic supplementation did not have any effect on NEC in the ELBW (<1000 g) infants, which is consistent with two small previous studies reporting data on these infants separately.3642 Thus, there is currently no compelling evidence for recommending prophylactic probiotics to prevent NEC in infants with a birth weight <1000 g. Especially important is the lack of safety information in these most immature and highly vulnerable babies…Probiotics appear promising for use as prevention strategy for NEC, but there is still insufficient data for general recommendation of the use of probiotics in the ELBW infant. We argue, therefore, that now is the time to conduct in the North American setting, a high quality confirmative NEC prevention trial using probiotics in at-risk ELBW infants.”

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