What is Your Infliximab Adherence Rate?

I started thinking about this question after a recent study (DS Vitale, et al. JPGN 2015; 61: 408-10) examined adherence at a single pediatric center (2010-2012). Adherence indicated “those who attended >80% of scheduled infusions.” Key findings:

  • 91.4% adherence rate of patients (n=151 with >4 infusions)
  • Adherent patients (n=138) attended an average of 98% of their infusions. Nonadherent patients attended, on average, 76% of their infusions.
  • The study provided some preliminary evidence that there was greater acute care use in nonadherent patients.
  • There were no demographic features that could predict adherence pattern.

My take: One of the key advantages of infusion therapy is improved and documented adherence.  Infusions also provide opportunities to assess patient in a scheduled manner. This study shows that subsets of patients with scheduled infusions have suboptimal adherence  — another target for quality improvement!

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Bruce Munro Exhibit

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Bruce Munro Exhibit


2 thoughts on “What is Your Infliximab Adherence Rate?

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