Single High-Dose Oral Vitamin D Therapy (Stoss) for Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A retrospective study (D Shepherd et al. JPGN 2015; 61: 411-14) shows that a single high-dose oral vitamin D3 therapy can be effective for 6 months.  This study involved treatment of 76 children between 2006-2010.

Stoss vitamin D dosing used in this study:

  • < 3 yrs 200,000 IU
  • 3-12 yrs 400,000 IU
  • >12 800,000 IU

Followup levels of Vitamin D (25-OH) and calcium were checked at 1 week, 4 weeks, 3 months and 6 months..

Key finding:

  • 25-OHD >50 nmol/L (=20 ng/mL) was seen in 96.6% at 3 months and 76.4% at 6 months.  63% had a level >75 nmol/L (=30 ng/mL) at 1 month.

Bottomline: Authors noted: “Stoss therapy safely and effectively achieved and maintained a level of 25OHD > 50 nmol/L during 6 months in these children with IBD.”

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8 thoughts on “Single High-Dose Oral Vitamin D Therapy (Stoss) for Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  1. Hello

    I left a comment on the post the other day about Anemia and IBD. I also shared it on my non profit Facebook page. I really enjoy your blog and often share your posts with my doctor to discuss different issues. I have a 15 year old son who was diagnosed with Crohn’s when he was 2. I started a charity to raise money for research and awareness about IBD.

    Will you be at Advances?

    Stacy Dylan

    Twitter @connecttocure


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