Vitamin D Supplementation Did Not Improve Postsurgical Outcomes in Patients with Crohn’s Disease

Link from Kipp Ellsworth Twitter Feed: Healio Gastro: Vitamin D does not prevent Crohn’s recurrence after resection

Re: Duijvestein M, et al. Abstract 144. Presented at: Digestive Disease Week; May 18-21, 2019; San Diego.

Background: “Researchers conducted a placebo-controlled trial comprising 143 patients with CD to assess the potential anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin D. Patients were randomly assigned to receive either 25,000 International Units of vitamin D3 (n = 72) or placebo (n = 71) weekly for 6 months after their first or second ileocolonic resection.”

Key Finding: “While serum vitamin D levels increased in the vitamin D group and remained unchanged in the placebo group, investigators found no difference in the incidence or severity of endoscopic recurrence at week 26 between the two groups. Cumulative clinical recurrence rates at week 26 were also comparable.”

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