#NASPGHAN19 Intestinal Failure Session Part 2

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Here are some notes and a few slides from NASPGHAN’s plenary session.  There could be errors of transcription in my notes.

Benjamin Gold, NASPGHAN president and part of our GI group, GI Care For Kids, welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Link to NASPGHAN_Annual_Meeting_Program 2019

Beth Carter  Trophic Growth Factors: A Practical View

Key Points:

  • GLP-2 has been approved as agent for intestinal failure for children (May 2019)
  • Studies thus far have shown good safety but concerns remain (?increased risk of polyposis, increased growth of neoplasm) and as such increased surveillance needed for patients receiving GLP-2
  • Cost in adults ~$295,000 per year
  • Most patients need to continue GLP-2 to maintain effect

Arthur Kasti  Abstract 218  Microbial Metabolites as Markers of Intestinal Dysbiosis in Pediatric Short Bowel Syndrome

This was a terrific presentation. Key points:

  • Microbiome in SBS patients is less diverse
  • Current diagnosis of bacterial overgrowth is difficult and definitive diagnosis is often impractical
  • Several metabolites may be helpful in diagnosis of bacterial overgrowth

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