Short Gut Diet -CHOA Approach

Recently Kipp Ellsworth, with input from members of the nutritional team, developed our first institutional Short Gut Diet.

Per Kipp, this diet is “designed to facilitate digestion while minimizing abdominal pain and ostomy/stool output in our inpatients with truncated intestinal anatomy.  Previously, clinicians ordered a regular diet for our short gut patients, with parents and nurses providing oversight of the ordering process based on their knowledge of short gut diet precepts.  Obviously this non-standardized approach resulted in significant noncompliance, another onerous daily task for nursing, and a failure of inpatient short gut diet principles reinforcement.  I anticipate the new diet serving as an omnipresent education tool, reinforcing short gut diet precepts for patients and parents during their inpatient stays.”

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5 thoughts on “Short Gut Diet -CHOA Approach

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