ESPGHAN Guidelines for Diagnosing Coeliac Disease 2020

Briefly noted: S Husby et al. JPGN 2020; 70: 141-56.

Link to document: ESPGHAN Guidelines for Diagnosing Coeliac Disease 2020

Key recommendations for diagnosing celiac disease (CD):

  • If CD is suspected, measurement of total serum IgA and IgA-antibodies against transglutaminase 2 (TGA-IgA) is superior to other combinations
  • We recommend against deamidated gliadin peptide antibodies (DGP-IgG/IgA) for initial testing
  • Only if total IgA is low/undetectable, an IgG-based test is indicated
  • If TGA-IgA is ≥10 times the upper limit of normal (10× ULN) and the family agrees, the no-biopsy diagnosis may be applied, provided endomysial antibodies (EMA-IgA) will test positive in a second blood sample. HLA DQ2-/DQ8 determination and symptoms are not obligatory criteria
  • In children with positive TGA-IgA <10× ULN at least 4 biopsies from the distal duodenum and at least 1 from the bulb should be taken

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