Adjustment of azathioprine dose in NUDT15 intermediate metabolizers, COVID-19 in Georgia & COVID-19 Phase 1 Vaccine Study

LA Jackson et al. NEJM 2020; DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2022483. Link:  An mRNA Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 — Preliminary Report  The mRNA-1273 vaccine induced anti–SARS-CoV-2 immune responses in all participants (n=45), and no trial-limiting safety concerns were identified.


COVID-19 in Georgia (Data from 7/13/20):

B Kang et al. AP&T 2020; Thanks to Ben Gold for this reference. Full text: Adjustment of azathioprine dose should be based on a lower 6‐TGN target level to avoid leucopenia in NUDT15 intermediate metabolizers

Background: “In addition to TPMT polymorphisms, a recent genome‐wide association study reported that a missense variant of nudix hydrolase 15 (NUDT15 ), which encodes a novel thiopurine‐metabolizing enzyme, was strongly associated with thiopurine‐induced leucopenia especially in Asians”

Key findings:

  • Among the 167 pediatric patients included, leucopenia was observed in 16% (19/119), 44% (20/45) and 100% (3/3) of the NUDT15 normal, intermediate and poor metabolizers respectively ( < 0.001)
  • There was a positive association between 6‐TGN levels and leucopenia among the NUDT15 intermediate/TPMT normal metabolizers
  • In order to reduce the development of thiopurine‐induced leucopenia (<15%) in NUDT15 intermediate metabolizers, adjustment of azathioprine doses should be based on a lower 6‐TGN target level (<167.1 pmol/8 × 108 RBC)

Limitations: single-center, retrospective study and possible selection bias

My take: While 6-TGN levels between 235-400 are typically considered therapeutic, individuals with intermediate metabolism are at increased risk for leukopenia and may respond at lower levels.  This study indicates that careful dosing and close monitoring is needed for NUDT15 intermediate metabolizers

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